Saturday, 19 March 2016

Weather & birds.

Forecast dire, but Wanaka was it's usual Mediterranean self, a brief shower but sunny all the way over the top to Queenstown and beyond. Really only got nasty as we approached Te Anau, gales and rain, on calling in at the DOC office found the Milford Track closed today as rivers up to three meters higher than usual. Unlikely to be significantly better tomorrow, so we might be homeless for three nights. If I don't post anything in the next couple of days we've set out, if more than five days we're stranded somewhere up there!
Late in the afternoon the weather in Te Anau improved, so we wandered along the lake to the sluice gates controlling the outflow to the hydroelectric power stations. On the way the DOC have a small captive breeding centre for takahe and other endangered birds, also a morepork, injured by another in a zoo, captive bred so unable to return to the wild. It would be reassuring to think their efforts might have a long term effect, but introduced rodents are a massive problem.

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