Thursday, 10 March 2016

Pancakes, Blow-holes and pub.

Off to west coast, greyer and gloomier as we got there. By lunchtime it was car-picnic weather, on what should have been a spectacularly beautiful beach, signs said take care of penguins, but too wet even for them.
Punakaika is famed for pancake rocks, limestone layers eroded into stacks of pancakes and blow-holes, with unnatural sound effects. We braved it at top speed, but were still drenched. By the time we'd dried off at our B&B 30Km down  the road the sky was innocently blue, so we went all the way back, well worth until we had to make a dash to beat the looming storm.
The next village down the road has 20 or so houses, and a pub on the beach, best fish&chips ever, delicately thin batter, lots of salad with really good French dressing. Locals very chatty, and happy to recommend and serve drinks if the barmaid's busy.

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