Saturday, 5 March 2016

Picton, Nelson, Victoria.

Very straightforward ferry journey to Picton, then short wait for the Nelson bus, with chatty driver who started by telling us that if we didn't wear our seat belts the police could give us a spot fine of $150, then that he would chuck us off immediately, without luggage if we smoked or drank!
We passed through Havelock where Ernest Rutherford, "father of nuclear physics" was born.
Nelson is a beautiful city, anywhere that labels its important trees has to be good. It's been a city since it was little more than village-sized because Queen Victoria decided from its location that it needed a cathedral, ergo had to be made a city: easy if you're the Queen.
Off to catch the bus for the Heaphy Track tomorrow, leaves 7.30 am. Back in 4 days.

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