Friday, 11 March 2016

Glaciers and lakes.

Brilliantly clear start to the day, continued south, confusingly away from the sun. Stopped at Lake Ilanthe, beautiful, flat calm surrounded by forested hills. Watched a cormorant dive and come up with an eel or similar, at least as long as him. Interestingly he dived back down with it, not what I would have expected, swallowing while underwater must be a bit dodgy.
We wandered up the tourist path to the base of Fox Glacier, no time for proper walks by the time we'd sorted out tomorrow's hut. A bit crowded, but interesting to see signs showing where the glacier ended in the past, a bit scary!
After that, very little time as our lovely B&B, Misty Peaks, has all the guests for wine&cheese at six, so a quick sprint to look at Lake Matheson, well worth more time.
Mussels for supper.

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