Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rosey-in-Antarctica's Birthday, Nick's Music

Rosey-in-Antarctica is 30 today, here is the animated birthday card I did for her as there's no post, or daylight, through the winter. The animation itself was OK, but not brilliant. The film wasn't quite straight, but I only had 1 bottle to open, so only 1 shot. It was a bit jumpy, which I’ll improve on next time, and the mermaid was better when her tail moved more. The water colour backgrounds were from Rosey’s photos, and I was dead chuffed that she recognised them. The little penguins are Adelie and chinstrap, who regularly invade Rosey’s camp.                                      Nick did the music specially for this, Rosey plays the flute so this had to feature, it worked really well second time around. The first time I put it on YouTube the music disappeared, no idea why or how, it was there when I checked first, but then vanished from the master-copy too! Anyone needing music or a recording studio should contact Nick: His studio in Horsham will be up and running in the next month or two.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

At Last!, Wisley & Green Man

At last! The first micro crop from the fruit cage, about 3 weeks later than last year. By chance, the new lot of raspberries is earlier than the ones Laura gave me, so should have a longer season to enjoy them if the weather stays 1/2 decent. The rain has helped the radishes become more than the little fibrous roots they were last year.

First picnic of the year at Wisley, rain just about held off.

Finally, watch out for the Green Man invasion, they're no longer confined to pubs and churches; taking over the world in a sneaky way!

Monday, 25 June 2012

New Orchid, Geology, Gargoyles.

R & I went to Portland for the weekend, combining some walking with his OU Geology field trip, so on Saturday afternoon I was let loose to wander at a sensible pace. I found gargoyles at Osmington and pyramidal orchids on the coast path; careful watchers might have noticed I saw this  last year, be patient!
The geology is fascinating, but I'll leave details to the experts, the beach awash with fossils, so many they build the churches out of them.

On Sunday we walked from Littlebredy to Abbotsbury and back, a good route for a short day, and found a single common spotted, but the new one's a clump of Southern Marsh Orchid. That's 14 since I abandoned film. I've seen bee orchids in the past, but they have to be digital & here to count.

And of course I had to add a creepy crawly.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Film, time, books

Where's the week gone since my last one? I've almost finished a short film for Rosey-in-Antarctica's Birthday, it will be on YouTube when she's seen it. I'm learning to use Adobe Premiere Elements, film editing software. It does (or will do) a lot of clever things like distorting or even reversing time. You know how when you're learning to use software you're tempted to click things rather randomly? Time seems to be like that nowadays, busy days flash past, unstructured ones, like the time to Christmas, stretch forever. So, what next to keep me busy? Laura&Nick's new house, if it ever happens, will need some TLC, and next term a course in Photoshop and "proper" photography, so back to darkrooms and chemicals.
I've just started Milton's "Paradise Lost", I'm sure it'll be mind-improving, but may be, like Monte Cristo, a challenge in itself.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Overcrowded Garden, Final Show

A brief lull in the rain let me get out and do some keep-fit/slave-labour. Much cheaper than paying for a gym & works on arms, legs, back, hands... It's never lonely, I often put my camera in the tool basket to photograph visiting friends.

Our end of year exhibition has been going on, most of my work has been on this blog, or 60pix which is my "official" arty one. We had to keep a record of all our stuff, background research and thoughts on a Wordpress one. I'll try to keep both going, this for burbling, that one for serious work. Thanks very much to Gail, Eve, Jenny, Margaret & Rosalie for coming to admire it.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Final show, Solo animation, books.

It's the private view of our final show tonight, the open to anyone for the next week. I hope it'll be well attended to celebrate the end of a brilliant year. I'm so envious of my classmates who are carrying on to a degree, but £30,000 would be a lot to pay for a whim. I'm not sure I could keep up the working-until-11pm for 3 whole years! I do, though have the kit at home to play, and Will, one of the tutors has helped set it all up. Have a look at his whimsical award-winning stuff at wrongboy. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, sums-experimental is my first solo attempt, a bit lacking in depth & story, but it's given me a taster of the new software. I look forward to producing something better when I'm more familiar with it all.

I'm also back on the 60-mind-improving-books-trail as I have time, and the weather is uninviting for gardening. My decision is final as to what has improved my mind, but ideas welcome. I'll post them in groups, if possible with some link, like poetry or biography. They won't all be as long as Monte Cristo, I'd never finish. I've just finished "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" 750 or so pages in 2 days is an indication of how much I enjoyed it, but can't really call the trilogy "mind-improving", maybe in 20 years if it survives as a classic.