Thursday, 21 June 2012

Film, time, books

Where's the week gone since my last one? I've almost finished a short film for Rosey-in-Antarctica's Birthday, it will be on YouTube when she's seen it. I'm learning to use Adobe Premiere Elements, film editing software. It does (or will do) a lot of clever things like distorting or even reversing time. You know how when you're learning to use software you're tempted to click things rather randomly? Time seems to be like that nowadays, busy days flash past, unstructured ones, like the time to Christmas, stretch forever. So, what next to keep me busy? Laura&Nick's new house, if it ever happens, will need some TLC, and next term a course in Photoshop and "proper" photography, so back to darkrooms and chemicals.
I've just started Milton's "Paradise Lost", I'm sure it'll be mind-improving, but may be, like Monte Cristo, a challenge in itself.

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