Monday, 28 February 2011

Clare (3BT) Grant posted these on the original version of this blog, I didn't want to lose them
1. Swap seeds for those of 60 different plants.
2. Write 60 beautiful things. 
3. Write 60 haiku.
4. Learn 60 words of a language. 
5. Fold 60 origami dragons (google for a simple one), write an inspiring quote and your blog address on each and leave in a public place for someone to pick up. See 
6. Eat 60 different kinds of sushi (not in the same meal!) 
7. Find 60 geocaches.
Also: and -- you could send 60 postcards, and give away 60 books you no longer need.

I wrote 50 memories about each of my schools at -- perhaps you could dredge up 60. Or 60 memories of Nepal, or travelling generally. You've probably got some pictures to go with them, I expect.

You might also get some ideas from

60 for 60

Welcome everyone! This year I'll be 60, so I'm planning to do 60 things I've never done before.
I've made a start, I'm retiring and have enrolled at Art School for a full time foundation course. I'd be grateful for any ideas, particularly ones that don't involve a huge amount of money!
Lots of people have given me ideas, Unicycling on a tightrope is one of the less realistic, thanks Melissa!
60 malt whiskies & help to drink them, a bit better, thanks Chris.
I've nearly finished Amy's & will post it soon, 60 single colour photos to complete the full spectrum.
Learning to understand calculus, thanks for that Rog, luvya!!
This is my way of keeping all my friends in touch with my progress.

Progress? Haiku 1,2 & 3

I'm getting there! I'm almost ready to post Clare's suggestion of 60 school memories, in 4 stages from earliest to last.
60 Haiku will trickle along, starting today

Haiku 1
ash-grey, brief starlife-silver
gone, flaking snowfalls.

Haiku 2
bumbling fumbling bee
honeyed harlot hibiscus
scarlet skirts a-swirl

Haiku 3
jolly redcap gnome
booted bellied garden guard
docile army. Why?

The first is element #60 for the geeks. As it says, Nd oxidises very fast, but shines as a brief flash of silver, somewhat like us?
3 came uninvited while listening to a radio article on gnomes.