Monday, 28 February 2011

Clare (3BT) Grant posted these on the original version of this blog, I didn't want to lose them
1. Swap seeds for those of 60 different plants.
2. Write 60 beautiful things. 
3. Write 60 haiku.
4. Learn 60 words of a language. 
5. Fold 60 origami dragons (google for a simple one), write an inspiring quote and your blog address on each and leave in a public place for someone to pick up. See 
6. Eat 60 different kinds of sushi (not in the same meal!) 
7. Find 60 geocaches.
Also: and -- you could send 60 postcards, and give away 60 books you no longer need.

I wrote 50 memories about each of my schools at -- perhaps you could dredge up 60. Or 60 memories of Nepal, or travelling generally. You've probably got some pictures to go with them, I expect.

You might also get some ideas from

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