Thursday, 28 June 2012

Rosey-in-Antarctica's Birthday, Nick's Music

Rosey-in-Antarctica is 30 today, here is the animated birthday card I did for her as there's no post, or daylight, through the winter. The animation itself was OK, but not brilliant. The film wasn't quite straight, but I only had 1 bottle to open, so only 1 shot. It was a bit jumpy, which I’ll improve on next time, and the mermaid was better when her tail moved more. The water colour backgrounds were from Rosey’s photos, and I was dead chuffed that she recognised them. The little penguins are Adelie and chinstrap, who regularly invade Rosey’s camp.                                      Nick did the music specially for this, Rosey plays the flute so this had to feature, it worked really well second time around. The first time I put it on YouTube the music disappeared, no idea why or how, it was there when I checked first, but then vanished from the master-copy too! Anyone needing music or a recording studio should contact Nick: His studio in Horsham will be up and running in the next month or two.

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