Friday, 25 March 2016

Still Sunny, Dunedin.

Woke early as engines started at 6.30, clear but really cold, about 6*, last of full-moonlight gave way to daylight as we had breakfast, off back to Deepwater Bay, stopped to watch bottlenose dolphins on the way. They started playing in our bow-wave, but rapidly lost interest when we stopped to discourage them interacting with a potentially dangerous species. Next stop, "Sounds of Nature" ten minutes in Hall Arm, one of the sound's branches, no engine or generators, we were asked to switch off our cameras, stand still and just listen to birds and waterfalls. 73/75 managed. How hard can it be not to take a photo of something unchanging for ten minutes?
As we drove back over the Wilmot Pass the clouds built up, but the forecast for our last couple of days is good. Long not-terribly-exciting drive to Dunedin, with its much photographed Victorian railway station and more hills, also an impressive collection of churches and statue of Robert Burns in the main square.

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