Sunday, 13 March 2016

Fairydust, gems and sandflies.

Bit grey this morning, but no rain. Retraced our steps, surprising how different the track looks from the other direction. No more whio, but mad tui singing most of the way, still invisible. Many of the rocks are schist, with more-golden-than-usual mica, my boots now sparkle, apart from that, half-baked garnets in it make a very good non-slip surface. If the rocks had keen cooked a little deeper in the Earth's crust they would have been gem quality. They really need 25 Km worth of pressure.
The sandflies missed us, a swarm swamped us as we stopped at the last river to take our boots off. Some perverse evolutionary quirk means they're so heavy footed you can feel most of them land before they bite, but you're swamped by numbers.

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