Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Milford (not haven) Rain, boat, wet.

Set off in reasonable weather, Lake Te Anau is beautiful, farmland on one side, mountains on the other, including the start of the Kepler Track which we did last year. A boat came to take us to the far end of the lake, offloading a crowd of sad wet people who should have been coming out at Milford Sound, the end of the track, mountains closed in around us, sadly attracting the clouds and by the time we set off it was raining. We passed the island where Quintin McKinnon's boat was found, he explored much of this area, his fate never clarified. The next island had small caves where sixteenth century Maori artefacts were found. As we set off, more soggy dejected people came back to escape on our boat, with tales of walking waist-deep in cold water. An easy hour's walk took us to Clinton Hut. Gloomy weather forecast.

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