Friday, 18 March 2016

Civilisation, 60.

Inevitable wander to the loo in early hours, that's the trouble with going to bed as soon as it's dark, 1/2 moon over mist in the valley below, wonderful but would never come out in photograph. Woken at 6 by someone's alam, think they'd forgotten to turn it off as the owner never stirred. Grey but not as bad as forecast. Set off down the valley, easy decent (by our intrepid staandards) to the river to w as it for the jetboat. Thought we'd be clever & get down before the rain, so had a couple of hours. Sandflies and large bumblebees behaving like wasps meant we had to keep walking to avoid them. Many beautiful grasshoppers & crickets. Met some people who'd flown up to our hut that morning, walked down for a couple of hours & were jetboating out after a day of the "Siberia Experience" (the name of our hut, but in 2 hours easy stroll downhill?)
60 (at last) the jetboat trip, exciting but wet from spray and rain. You'd pay a lot for that sort of exfoliating treatment. They're so agile, whizzing in circles, jigging round obstacles at 60Km/hr or more. And someone gets paid to drive it all day!

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