Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Rain, more rain and... Trailwalker.

Rain as we set off, persisted until we got to Perry Saddle Hut, drenched to the undies. A pity as said to be some of the best scenery in NZ. (Bit like the WWA trip to the Ring of Kerry a few years ago). On the bright side, we saw a Powellephanta, giant carnivorous snail, nocturnal unless very wet and good rainbows shortly after settling in our warm & luxurious hut. Lots of tiny sundew, much smaller than ours, some round and very red, some elongated and greener, possibly as in shady places, possibly a different species.
As an afterthought, the whole four day tramp is less in distance and height gained than the Oxfam Trailwalker we did a few years ago. I can't imagine how we did it in 24hours 42minutes 54seconds!

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