Friday, 4 March 2016

58:automatic, Weta, coincidences

Mustn't forget the original aim of this blog, to do and record 60 things I've never done before. As an after-effect of an extremely hard day yesterday, R let me drive some of the way, so number 58 is driving an automatic. I wondered about the Glow-worm caves, but I pot-holed as a student, so adding the glow-worms didn't really make it a whole new thing.
After driving round Wellington for a while we found the Weta Cave where all the prosthetics and props for all the best films (LOTR & many others) we're made, the detail is phenomenal. Nearly everything is painted plastic, for weight & safety, but real metal things like armour and swords are used for close up shots. The orcs have chain mail knitted by the Wellington knitting club, but with no idea what it was for.
Our guide, Erica, was in the year above L at Wimbledon. The second crazy coincidence was a planned meeting with D&J from our walking club with their son & girlfriend, only to find we'd sat next to them on the flight to Singapore.

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