Monday, 22 April 2013

Travel Memories 6

51. The smell of Daphne bholua in a blizzard near Ghorepani, then giant Magnolia and Rhododendron in the sunshine.
52. Lizards on the mani wall, warming themselves back to life after the frost, similarly reviving Laura&Amy
53. Amy age 4, needing the loo urgently on a little rack&pinion railway in Switzerland, asking the guard if we stopped long enough to use the station one “Madame, the train will wait!” A first for a Swiss train?
54. Laura 8 months sitting on the beach in Cyprus munching seaweed, no ill effects!
55. Finding a chameleon in Crete, and the girls’ fascination with its eyes and claws.
56. R swearing for the second time ever when the car stuck in a ford, L&A telling someone it was the highlight of the holiday.
57. The excitement of flying for the first time aged 9, L&A were seasoned globetrotters by that age.
58. Humming birds feasting on glitteringly red hibiscus in St Lucia.
59. Red mangrove crabs in Costa Rica, and mudskippers in Malaysia.
60. Being welcomed like royalty into the smartest hotel in Kathmandu, still in smelly trekking gear, then having a proper shower.

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