Thursday, 18 April 2013

Travel Memories 4

31. The first time I went into a jungle, love at first sight!
32. Sending little fireboats made from driftwood out to sea, a fishing boat diverting to investigate one.
33. Trying to catch lizards in Pompeii by throwing Michael’s shirt over them.
34. Anxious sleepless nights before setting off to travel in India for six months.
35. Being told at Delhi railway station that my buckle-up fabric rucksack had to have a padlock!
36. The Zoji La in the dark.
37. After thinking I was going to die from lack of air the first time at 14,000 feet, finding it pleasurably easy on the way down.
38. Ladies in Sri Lanka stroking Amy’s blonde curly hair.
39. Constellations of fireflies, also in Sri Lanka.
40. Tibetan salt tea with rancid butter as a guest of the King of Zangla.

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