Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Travel Memories 2

11. Getting on a train at Tunbridge Wells just with my brother, to be collected at Charing Cross by the fierce Aunt, the smell and smuts of steam trains.
12. Sleeping for hours in the car on the way to Southern France, then not wanting to sleep at night. Trouble!
13. Trying to walk up to the snow in the Pyrenees, finding it was too far in the thin air.
14. Choosing a trout in a large tank for the waiter to catch and take to the chef.
15 .Michael & I collecting sugar lumps in a variety of wrappers. One set, coloured dominoes, was particularly attractive, we had emptied the bowl before the astonished waiter’s hand left it.
16. Hunting for small coins in sand dunes in the South of France, hoping to collect enough for an ice-cream by the end of the day. I was misled into believing it was the Gobi Desert.
17. Finding an octopus and little black fish with luminous blue stripes while snorkelling in the Adriatic.
18. The red soil in Devon, on the way to a favourite uncle whose sons played the “vile-din”
19. Collecting our own coloured sand at Alum Bay.
20. Bringing a white heather plant home in the remains of a broken Brownie Box Camera, it grew for many years in the rockery, and may even still be there.

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