Sunday, 21 April 2013

Travel Memories 5

41. Fresh apricots after two weeks in high desert.
42.Nearly putting my hand on a scorpion in the desert in Algeria.
43. A horrendously fussy eater on a trek, permanently curing Laura&Amy of any similar tendencies.
44. The soporific effect of a cricket match in Calcutta after an overnight flight.
45. Masala dosa in Madras, giant crispy rice pancakes with spicy potato filling
46. Finding a blue Meconopsis in the wild, a violent dark-sky-blue with violet undertones.
47. Ice squeezing out of mud like contorted pasta in brown sauce.
48. Coming in to land at the old Hong Kong airport, looking into windows and down at the sea, no visible runway.
49. Clare&Rosey’s aghast looks on first driving through Kathmandu, then head-over-heels in love.
50. Bedbugs in Rameswaram, while waiting for the overnight ferry to Sri Lanka, waking on a train in the misty jungle.

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