Sunday, 14 April 2013

Spring BTs

It must be here at last, the tadpoles have hatched and are growing up. I have some in a tank in the conservatory as in past years they have been eaten by caddis larvae or magpies, for the first time I've been organised enough to get there first. I'll put them back as soon as they're big enough to look after themselves, and choke the thieving magpies!
The hyacinths are smelling wonderful with the warmth, until today they were just lumping around, quite odourless. It inspires the weeding, definitely a BT. Come to think of it, the taddies are too, after all these years I'm still intrigued to watch the way their legs sprout.
A third B & Mysterious T is the way stick insects a centimetre long unfold from an egg barely 2 mm in diameter, much more instant than seeds germinating. We used to have hundreds.

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