Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Back again!

We've been away travelling, "Yet again?" you might say, but that's what retirement's for, and we need to do it all before our knees conk out. Our excuse anyway! Morocco, four 4,000m peaks, I'll write the details when my photos are sorted, in the meantime 3BTs and 3GOWTs:

1) Laura sounding high-as-a-kite with excitement about her course, MA in children's illustration.
2) Amy's description of over-ripe-wasp-eaten figs as zombies, the slimy-mouldy look makes this perfect.
3) The house hasn't fallen down, the plants have been watered (thanks Jenny) and the hedge has been cut (thanks R-next-door)

1) The ticket machine at Gatwick offers 4 different prices for our journey, all more than the ticket-office.
2) Our train is cancelled so we need an extra change and a last second change of platform with bags.
3) The guard shuts the doors when I've barely stepped on, bag and one leg hanging in mid-air while the automatic re-opener realises the mistake. It can't be that unusual at Gatwick station for passengers to be heavily laden and slow.

Feet and mules make travelling so much easier.

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  1. definitely zombies! and the way all the innards are hanging out!