Monday, 28 October 2013

Morocco 5:People

Does anyone know anything about these men, they seemed to be giving drinks to local people, but were not averse to taking money to be photographed.

Musicians in the main square in Marrakesh accosting a passer-by, they spent ages talking to her adding a hat and getting her to dance. Maybe a friend, or previous band member, but we didn't see any other ladies entertaining.

One of our mule-men, nicknamed Monsieur 'Ollywood for his enthusiasm to be photographed.

Many of the people we met were very happy to be photographed, and tickled by the results. As a rule ladies of a sensible age were reluctant.

Mint tea seller with his grand daughters.

The miller, a wonderful face, enhanced by the flour.

The Berbers are so beautiful, this lass reminded me of Vermeer's 'Girl With a pearl Earring'

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