Sunday, 2 October 2011

Real peppers! Brainwork.

Just finished the first 3 of the 5 research-into-artists files, I find it hard to comment sensibly on the quality of a bit of art, and its place in the greater scheme of things, but have found some useful & fascinating things. Look at Susan Derges & her fascinating photographic art-crossover-with-science at
I'd love to try some of this, but developing 7 foot long Cibachromes might be a problem. I have, however just ordered some cyanotype paper from Amazon. That's the stuff that develops itself just with light & water, it's a start to play with. No doubt L&A will want to "borrow" some.
Finally after inspecting them every day, 2 peppers are ripe&succulent. I'll have more in time for A's birthday supper on Wednesday.

Looks yummy doesn't it!
All jobs done now, so settling down to some hands mucky type art.

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