Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pipped! DofE, Welldressing, gargoyles

Disaster! Did anyone hear this morning's Radio 4 news? A retired librarian has done 43 of her 60 challenges for retirement. I wish her well, but on the National News before me is such a disaster!
I spent the weekend with a silver DofE group in the Bakewell area, purely by chance it was the local well-dressing festival, all the local watering holes are decorated with elaborate flower-petal pictures, then blessed by the various local clergy, although the origins are pagan sacrifices to appease the water gods, sprites & demons. This one is from Youlgreave/Youlgrave, depending on which end you enter the village.
It is also spectacular gargoyle country, of which much more anon. One of my challenges will be a collection of 60 gargoyle, grotesque & green man pictures with some information on the intriguing pagan origins.

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