Monday, 7 March 2011

middle school

  When I was about 8, my parents moved to Sussex so I changed schools, so this is part 2 of school memories.
The height of the building, probably 3 floors and an attic, it seemed like a great threatening tower
Decorating a den under a rhododendron with purple plastic chocolate cases
Getting an order mark for not having clean white games socks
My favourite teacher passing out at lunch, I now realise it was an epileptic fit-sad days-we never saw her again
Sour milk in the summer
Having our own linen table napkins
Jenny Jacobs always being in trouble
Cristobel Walker having her leg in plaster
Jane Arrowsmith & Jane Bowlby coming home for lunch & dressing up
A pair of near-identical twins, known as "the nice one" & "the pretty one"
The wooden-covered walkway between the dining room and classroom, occasional mild grafitti
Julie joined us for 1 year from a special school, she had Down's syndrome. I went to her Birthday party
Not being in the Carol Service as I couldn't sing in tune, sitting at the back with a senior girl who read a lesson
Failing the 11 plus
Passing common entrance

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  1. yay i can comment!
    i like these little insights into your childhood :)
    you should do something like... revisiting or re-experiencing 60 things you did as a child?