Thursday, 31 March 2011

End-start, Haiku 8-12

My last day of work, ever. I had wonderful send-offs  from all my colleagues. I have not had so many flowers, cards & presents since our first daughter was born, no-one worries so much about the second!
So challenge 1 (retire) is fully active, now time to start seriously on the rest. Only 48 more Haiku.
8 is, of course for my great nephew
9&10, thinking ahead to my Christmas sloe-gin brew
12 is a bit philosophical on our possible origins in interstellar dust clouds, a nice theory. I stole the swanblack from a piece of music I heard on Radio 3 Breakfast

Haiku 8
caterpillar toes
breast-happy pumm'lling milk-fists
not-yet-focussed eyes

Haiku 9
sloe-white flower-drift
magical transformation
purple Christmas gin

Haiku 10
springsnow flower storm
bitterblack, Christmas purple

first spring bee-buzzings
musical-fierce robinsong
suncrackling pine cones

Haiku 12
infinite frozen fireflies
swandowny blackness


  1. Beautiful haikus! Thank you for sharing them.

  2. Thank you for that Mary, it's a pleasure & a novelty to get good comments from strangers.