Wednesday, 16 March 2011

boarding school,

Part 3 of my 60 school memories, the good and bad of boarding school:

Not knowing how to do my plaits on the first morning
Crying into my breakfast as I was so homesick
Joanne who was given the task of "mothering" me
Matron's temper and ankles,cause or effect of being "Miss"?
A copy of the Wilton Diptych in the library
Amazing my teacher by getting 82% for Latin
The choir singing Britten's Ceremony of Carols and Handel's Messiah
Still not being able to sing
Discovering I could do chemistry better than anyone else
Using my father's slide-rule for physics A level
Creeping down to the Head Mistress' greenhouse with Julia in the middle of the night, returning with a single geranium flower as a dare
A lecture on moving the Abu Simbel temples for the Aswan dam to be built
Having to fill our rough books and getting them signed off before having a new one
Hating to leave my friends who went off to all corners of the world


  1. its strange to imagine you as a child being homesick and stealing flowers for a dare!

  2. I thought of it as a trophy rather than "theft"