Sunday, 6 January 2013


At Christmas on of my few jobs was to provide the cheeseboard.Nick likes blue ones so I chose among other random ones Montagnolo Affine from Morrison's ( who say's they're not good quality?) On Googling it I find it was a good choice, allegedly the best-in-world, judged out of nearly 4,000 at last year's Nantwich Cheese Festival, how have I missed this? It was certainly very tasty, but there are othes. Ossau Iraty Ewe's from the Basque region, is brilliant, soft & mild but Waitrose doesn't always have it.
 A good gooey Stilton is hard to beat, and the humble well-matured Cheddar for versatility, taste and snackability-with-everything is hard to beat. I use it in cheese pastry to add a savoury tang to mince pies.
When I did my mega-trip to India in 1978-9, the only 2 things I missed were decent (my taste, ie classical, rather than the ubiquitous Hindi film stuff) music,and proper cheese. I went hundreds on miles by train & bus to Ootacamund as I was lead to believe the had a proper English dairy, as befits an old British tea&coffee hill-station. Alas processed plastic. It wasn't a wasted journey though, a brilliant boating lake, terribly English church & tea-shop, second hand bookshop, and pink bananas.

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