Sunday, 6 January 2013

45 broken:unplanned! "Private" NHS. Whisky update.

I've achieved 3/4 of my 60 new things, however this one was unplanned and unwanted! I fell off my bike skidding on slippery leaves & broke my collar bone! 1st time I've broken anything, or, indeed done anything other than bounce when falling over. The family will confirm how often I fall over things. A seems to be a disaster area too. Hopefully she'll get to at least 61 3/4 before doing significant damage!
The local minor injury unit, now run by Virgin was brilliant, 1 hour wait, but on a Sat am I don't think that was bad. Polite receptionist apologised for delay, v friendly Nurse-practitioner totally in control of her job, clearly loving it. X-rayed by the mother of an primary school friend of L's, so chat & catching up too. Rapid appointment with fracture clinic early next week, let's see how the "traditional" Health service goes!
Not doing so well with the Whiskies though, I've only got to 28 different ones. We're walking in Skye later in the year so I should catch a few more then.

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