Thursday, 6 September 2012

Books again

I've not been a real novel fan in the past, too much "serious" reading to do, but having children, then teenagers & now adults encouraged me to read as I encouraged them. I've tried to keep up with at least some of what they read, so am a bit of an expert on fairy/magic/elvish type fiction, although I've not been keen on gruesome or vampires for many years, that's the protective maternal instinct. I also joined a book club a few years ago, more of a lavish dining club really, but good company and even on the many occasions I've been unable to go, I've read the book. That's encouraged to read lots I wouldn't otherwise have thought of. The last three come from their suggestions. Everyone should be in at least one book club or reading group!

 Dumas: The Count of Monte Cristo   “a squacklingly  good tale”, the old language wasn’t a problem, not being able to put it down was! (Doesn’t count towards the 60, as a challenge on its own)
   Tan: The Bonesetter’s Daughter is one of the best of the Chinese biographies that are so popular but  with a twist.
Barnes: The Sense of an Ending is a strange and convoluted tale of relationships, gloom, failure and death. Not one the show Homo sapiens in the best light.
Faulkes: Engleby is another isn’t-our-species-awful book. It starts as a fictional troubled autobiography until a disappearance is slowly revealed to be much more, and her friend a fiend with memory lapses gradually returning to haunt him in small snippets. I found it rather believable, and the memory loss convincing in a sad sort of way.

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