Saturday, 24 September 2011

oil pastels

We have to fill a whole sketchbook with "drawings from life", in response to visits to the Jerwood Space to see the drawing Prize entries. I suppose anything in there counts as drawing, although it covers ink-on-glass, embroidery, videos, found fabric,collage, paper sculpture, a knife, inflated bin-liners and a variety of other things, so that give us a lot of scope., I'm not sure how they define "from life" I think from some sort of observation rather than imagination, but we also have to be experimental. I tried drawing a logarithmic cauliflower today, hugely complex intertwining of 13fold spirals, clockwise ant anti-, wonderful to look at or photograph, hell to try and draw.

I then had a not-very-good go at oil pastels, a bit impressionistic, I feel more comfortable with pencil, pen or charcoal, but painting with gouache is best!
The research into artists is interesting, we have to do one in each of our five pathways; 3D design, I've found a jeweller, more about him presently. Fashion & textiles, no idea yet. Fine Art, Andy Goldsworthy the wonderful maker of evanescent natural creations. Moving Image & Photography, Susan Derges who does extraordinary camera-less pictures. Finally Visual Communication, that's what we were doing last week. I'll probably do Robert Brownjohn, more on him later too!
Not much time for new challenges, but I'm making progress with the Macs in the library, most of the 60 books (see 5th July) have now gone, 2 reports so far, and I'm over halfway through the Haiku, with several 1/2 done.

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