Monday, 29 September 2014

Lazy! Yummy, Random, Size?

I've got really lazy about this blog, and like cleaning, the longer you leave it the easier it is to put it off, so no more faffing!
I have been really busy, and not getting better, don't let anyone tell you retirement is restful. The garden's looking better, I have dozens of jars of various jams, jellies and chutneys, our local garden club is having a tasting session soon as we've all used each other's produce.
One of the most successful discoveries has been fruit vinegar, inspired by a raspberry balsamic glaze L brought from Bologna. My variety is elderberry:
4 oz elderberries leave stalks, but remove spiders)
1 pint vinegar (if you use white you end up with a wonderful claret colour)
   soak for 4-7 days, mashing occasionally.
   strain through a jelly bag (unlike jellies, it's OK to squeeze it to speed it up)
4 oz sugar, dissolve then boil until about 1/2 the volume.
   Brilliant on salad, cheese or vegetables, Use in dressings or even on fruit or ice-cream.

I can't go too long without a flower photo, this zinnia was in I&T's garden, with tutu and OTT hairstyle

For anyone immature enough to find these things amusing, I might collect a few more!

No L, you can't have it! I came across these while waiting for a bronze DofE group, they all wanted the little one too.

The biggest I've seen, I never quite believed in Edmund Blunden's Giant Puffball until now.

And so I gathered mightiness and grew 
With this one dream kindling in me, that I 
Should never cease from conquering light and dew 
Till my white splendour touched the trembling sky. 

It would have been interesting to watch it for a few days to see whether it did touch the sky, I suspect only as millions of spores.

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