Saturday, 17 May 2014

Spring in the Mendips

Nothing like a good bluebell wood to reassure you that Summer really Is Icumen In, we also heard cuckoos, how appropriate!

Holly Blue, Celastrina argiolus, the flower's a bit of a give-away. It's also a bit bigger than our smallest, the Small Blue, no imagination the people who name butterflies. What about something like Furry Little Ghost, or Light-as-a-Cloud? I suppose like plants Latin names they're descriptive and so easy to remember.

Finally a fine cricket, no idea which one, the adults are hard enough, on a Speedwell. The whole flower is only 6 or 7mm so he's tiny

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Thanks. Where are you off to now? Keep me posted, and send me pictures if you wish! I discovered I had had water damage when I got home, so I haven't been going anywhere.