Monday, 3 March 2014

Buenos Aires

A fascinating city, some very cutting edge architecture making best use of the space like this narrow edge.

My favourite of the many city sculptures.

The curious graveyard, plants plant and nourish themselves.

Eve Peron's family tomb. Some are highly ornate with several floors underground.

Valuable property, rented and sold like any home, strange to our way of thinking,

Many beautiful statues, not always well cared for.

La Boca is the Bohemian region of Buenos Aires, artists and tourists mingle in cafes and bars with an international  feel.

The guerilla crocheters have been out in force,

                                                                   along with the surrealists

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  1. realy cool :D I love the "yarn bombing" as people seem to call it. Also the spiderwebbed man in the cloak.