Sunday, 25 August 2013


1) Raindrops like little lenses on a special peachy-yellow rose, given to me on retirement  by a patient I've known longer than Laura! She has severe cerebral palsy, but is brilliant brain-wise; the look on her face when she held a very small small squirming aforementioned...
2) The first proper crop of tomatoes, small golden succulent. Odd how few of this huge family have non-toxic fruits, tomato, aubergine Physalis peruviana  beloved of trendy pudding-chefs, quite easy to grow from seed, and a couple from S America that we don't see here; S quitoense, Naranjilla and S muricatum, Pepino melon.
3) Best last! L is off to be a student, doing an MA in children's illustration at the Anglian Ruskin in Cambridge, so had to have a Farewell&GoodLuck Party, should have been a BBQ
        3a I was invited to join her friends
        3b The feast she &N put on, one of her friends said " I love coming to Laura's, it's always like                             Christmas"
        3c Abi's sparkly cupcakes
        3d Enjoli's orange-carrot cake

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