Sunday, 21 July 2013

50 Gyrocopter.

At last, another new thing! We had our regular walking weekend, this time the South Devon coast, not an area I know at all. We stayed at the wonderful Overbeck's Youth Hostel in Salcombe. C&A decided to come in C's gyrocopter, he loves flying (and us lot) so much he took all-comers flying. It's a brilliant machine, not in the slightest bit scary, not really bumpy either. The weather was perfect for seeing the area with  sea looking like the Caribbean, although a little colder when we went for a dip the next day.

The large rather unsightly caravan park in totally hidden in a small valley from ground level.

From the coastal path all the coves and sea-caves are totally hidden, a small boat would be perfect for exploring them, maybe next time.


  1. The last picture looks like a coastline done by Slartibartfast :) This day looks like so much fun!