Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Glass, End of Term

Sadly the end of term has come for stained glass, although there are two more weeks for fused glass. I put my fish up a couple of weeks ago. In the last class I needed to do something quick&simple, this is an idea to build on, maybe bigger and hexagonal next time with less dense glass and a bit more decoration. This and the fish were copper foiled rather than leaded. You put sticky-backed copper tape on the edges and solder it. "Proper" stained glass is leaded and demands very much more accurate cutting.

The bowls are fused glass, a different glass is used, cut decorated in layers and fused at high temperatures, for bowls it's then slumped in a mould. The colours sometimes change after firing, this purple started as dark blue, but I like the unexpected effect. I should have looked at the colour chart! The decorations are piped on like royal icing and melt into the glass.

This one is similar, in a four-bowled mould, the spots are glass fragments.

Finally jewellery:

All in all a constructive term's work, one big piece to finish so watch out for it.


  1. Wow these look great! They look really professionally made :) I love the light coming through the red one especially :)

  2. TY. Maybe you'll have time for one of the Saturday sessions one day!