Sunday, 14 October 2012

Dartmoor, technical hitch!

Just back from another brilliant DofE weekend on Dartmoor helping to train a gold group. I'm annoyed not to have taken my camera, the forecast while I was packing was dire, so I left it out and due to non arrival of a train from Guildford, had to go straight from the station with no chance to reconsider: it was of course blue sky, nearly from ear-to-ear, a small rain storm and brief hail. Our other group only 1/2 a mile away fared far worse. The light was wonderful for most of the time but you can only speculate as to the wonderful pictures I might have produced.
The technical hitch is that I've run out of photo storage space on this blog, so you'd have had to wait anyway until it was sorted!
I'll post some photos from last week's trip to London Zoo wit Laura, my niece and great Nephew in the next few days with luck.

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