Friday, 4 May 2012


I got back to my car at the end of the day yesterday, found a large slice of metal  in my tyre, feeling a bit girly, I went back to the studio to see who was around. Thanks Paul for volunteering so quickly! I sent him back in when the muscle stuff was done as a tea-shirt isn't very rainproof. On letting down the jack, it was obvious the spare was also flat as a pitta. Several trails round the Uni, I stumbled by chance on Mark-the-technician, another big smile "Oh yes, if you can get it down the the workshop, we have a compressor" Disaster averted & supper not too late! Thanks both of you.


  1. wow sounds like a dramatic evening! glad there were people to help you :)
    do you know how the metal got in your tyre?

    1. It looked like an old bit of Stanley knife. Fell out of a bin or skip? Happens!