Friday, 6 May 2011

60 books,trees, Exmoor, "Leisure", Number 13

Following Emma's New Thing, the plan to read 60 mind-enhancing books has evolved, but not in 1 year. Andy & Richard suggested several bits of light reading like War & Peace, Joyce's Ulysses, Paradise Lost as well as some more digestible ones. I'll keep you posted. I need to keep some non-fiction going, currently Colin Tudge's Secret Life of Trees, a fascinating account of the evolution of my favourite beings & the eco-webs surrounding them. It doesn't count as I've read it before but is great for tree-lovers. I'm also reading Periodic Tales, Roger's birthday present from M&R,  bit of history & enough chemistry for the near-geeks.
I had a very good weekend on Exmoor with some DofE ( Duke of Edinburgh's Award) groups, for the first time ever I had 2 girls who were really interested in trees & plants, paradise!
I know now why people say they can't see how they managed to work, I don't think I have been idle for more than about 5 minutes since I finished work, but the garden and Amy's house are both looking a little better. I've taken to gardening with my magical camera with my tools in case of creepy-crawleys
I wonder if it counts as a new achievement to work out (with Clare's help) how to put photos of the right size in the right place? Given my computer skills I think it does! So 13 down, nearly 1/4
The next one will be 60BTs, see Clare in follower list.

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  1. yay :) you got the photos to work! some super super close up creepy crawlies might be fun? so you can see all the little hairs and stuff?
    i will cook a big meal as a thank you for all the work on my house!