Sunday, 24 April 2011

Number 12 plastering, Haiku 13-16

Where's the week gone? The garden's a bit less jungly, & after a bit of a builder disaster (gone into a black hole)  I gave up, & plastered Amy's kitchen walls & ceiling, will be good after a 2nd coat. The walls worked rather better.

More Haiku, who remembers the swaying near-crawl, just before the real thing leads to freedom&escape? Wait for it Clare!
Most of this group came when walking in Dorset last weekend, brain in receptive free-wheel mode.
Some of the next few borrow words or form from proper poets, add a comment when you identify one!

Haiku 13
so close to escape
hesitant stick-insect sway
to free babycrawl

Haiku 14
spirit of freedom,
blithe acrobat speck

Haiku 15
leaf-red creature-trap
infinitesimal death,
sweet-fatal dew drops

Haiku 16
  autumn     when
silvered cobwebs gentle glow
catches low sunbeams


  1. thankyou for rescuing my house! :)

  2. Remember it also rescues me from idleness, & will provide some of my 60 new things. x